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How to save youtube video without any special programs

Just found out about this interesting trick. You can save any youtube video without any additional program or plugin, just by typing "OK" in the address bar...



Now type "OK" between the www. and youtube. It should look like this:


You can save the video now, just like that.
The file will be saved in flv format. Not the best quality but not too bad either...

First Person Tetris

In this crazy version of tetris, when you rotate a block, you rotate the entire game. This game will spin your mind. Try the night vision mode for even more trippy experience


Mortal Kombat is NOT a Tournament


What happened to Duke?

After 12 years of development, they're closing doors for Duke.
Read about what went wrong with the development of Duke Nukem Forever. Very (long) interesting article:

Read the Wired article

I still hope they're going to finish it somehow. Just look what we would miss otherwise:


RIP Brittany Murphy

The actress (and record artist) Brittany Murphy has died at the age of 32. She went into cardiac arrest early Sunday morning in LA and died before the arrival to the hospital.

She's most famous for her roles in Sin City, 8 Miles and Just Married.


First photo of liquid from another world

NASA revealed the first photo ever of liquid that doesn't belong to earth. The photo is showing reflection of the sun from a lake on Saturn's largest moon- Titan. Titan is the only body that is believed to have a liquid on it's surface and it's atmosphere contains mostly nitrogen. The glint of the sun appears on the lake called Kraken Mare. It's 400,000 square kilometers (150,000 square miles) wide which is larger than the lagers lake on Earth, the Caspian See. The temperature on Titan's surface is around -180 degrees Celsius.

The photocomes from the spacecraft Cassini.

CNN Article


Over a mile wide UFO triange appeared over Russia

A huge triangle shaped UFO howered over Moscow's Kremlin.

Some people suggested it's an air balloon or stunt, but a spokesman for aerospace experts Jane's News said: "We have no idea what it is."

There are 2 videos available, one is filmed by day and one at night.
I'm pretty sure it's just another hoax since there are only 2 videos available. There would be thousands of videos and pictures if an object that large would really appear in the sky. There's no doubt we would get live footage too.

The Sun article