AMV- A Samurai's Love

Anime: Samurai X
Song: Who Wants To Live Forever
Artist: Queen
Creator: Icbal dbznemesis.com
Watch: YouTube

"This was an idea I came up with while I was listening to an album and I heard the song "Who wants to live forever". The sombre mood the song gives out just seemed to go with the sad nature of Samurai X, and as always, I picked out a point in the song to base the video around, and went from there.

Its a different type of video from me, but I like it all the same. Not sure how many of you will agree.
Timing in this video was quite difficult because there are so few beats, and since the type of video is quite different, I decided to use the smaller beats as more of a way of keeping the flow rather then to time with. Instead I used the big beats as the major points of the video. And I hope I used them well.

Anyway, this video only took me a week to make, which I was surprised at, I thought it'd take a lot longer. Hope you like it as much as I do"

Great AMV from Icbal.


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