Spider-Man Nanotech Suit

Italian scientist Nicola Pugno is working on special suit with gloves and boots which will allow you to stick to the walls thanks to carbon nanotube based technology.

The idea of materials comes from lizard gecko. The gecko's feet are covered with million of tiny hears which allows them to stick to different types of surfaces.
"A self-cleaning mechanism also has to be developed for the system. A gecko that walks in the sand has to clean his feet after a few steps" he said.

There is another problem:
"One of the problems that has arisen is the control of the adhesion, because remaining attached to a wall is not difficult. All you have to do is attach it with superglue. But then how do you detach it and re-attach it again?" he said.

"Mimicking nature, thanks to carbon nanotube-based technology, we suggest the feasibility of large invisible cables, as well as of self-cleaning, superadhesive and releasable hierarchical smart materials. We found that a man can be supported by a transparent cable with a cross section of 1 cm squared and feasibly, with spider material gloves and boots, could remain attached even to a ceiling: a preliminary step towards a Spider-Man suit" he wrote.

He estimates the suit could be constructed in another 10 years. It will be awesome.