Naruto-arena is turn based multiplayer game. Every battle is a 3 versus 3 match. Both you and your opponent select 3 characters that will fight till one of the teams is completely down. You can choose from 39 Naruto characters but some of them won't be available when you start the game. You have to unlock them by completing missions. For example if you win 4 battles in a row with Shikamaru and Temari in your team, you'll unlock Tayuya (if you don't have a clue who it is just click this Link. Now you know:) Every character is unique and uses his own skills. Naruto-arena characters and skills
As you start winning you will climb at online ninja ladder. I've already achieved first rank (here's a proof lol) but I dropped down because I haven't played since then. It's pretty good game with big community.