Max Payne: Payne & Redemption- The Independent Film

Teaser Trailer

Set a few years after the events of Max Payne (and before Max Payne 2), Max Payne: Payne & Redemption surrounds the psychological trauma endured by the title's main character after having to deal with the incidents from the story within the first game.

They need your help to finish the movie.

What they've done so far:
- The bulk of the film has been shot
- An offline edit has been completed
- Two trailers have been released

What needs to be done to complete the film:
- Recording the voice-over and re-dubbing any necessary dialogue.
- Making an auto-conform of the film.
- Filming all pick-up & practical SFX shots.
- Filming one extra scene.
- Re-editing the film to accompany the new scene, and the pick-up and practical SFX shots.
- Creating and composting all CGI FX and clear-up shots.
- Recording the film's musical score.
- Sound engineering, folies, mixing, etc.
- Creating the "Online" - The final, high-definition version of the film.