Berserk Gaiden- fan made RPG

You should try this game if you are Berserk fan.
I've only played chapter one so far. The start with a boat and pirates is pretty weak but once you get to the shore, the game becomes pretty decent. You play as Guts accompanied with annoying fairy Puck (who's making annoying comments trough the whole game). But Puck is not there just for the comic relief, he's usable character in battle and helpful healer. The fights are turn-based and you can fight against up to 4 enemies at once. Special items are available and after some time you can find better sword, armor etc. Your quest in chapter one is to kill Bazuso. The second chapter is about Guts joining The Band of the Hawk.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3 is on the way and from way. From what I've seen on the video preview, it looks that the battle system has changed.


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