Wolvesbayne Review

Based on the name and the poster, I thought this is going to be a werewolf movie. Wrong. Saying this is a werewolf movie would be the same as stating Harry Potter is a werewolf flick just because of one of the characters happens to be a werewolf. Two main characters in this movie are werewolves but it doesn't really matter since they spent only 2 minutes in a werewolf form. If you remember Tommy from TV series "Big Wolf on Campus", then you know how their werewolf form looks like:)
This is essentially vampire movie or should I say Underworld ripoff. It's made for TV and due to low budget, special effects aren't very good. Which is pretty bad since they try to force action into every scene. Then you get really fast camera cuts that try to disguise bad effects. The plot is really messy and it looks like the director didn't know what kind of film he wants to make. With the introduction of vampires, the pacing changes drastically and the movie becomes all about action. I'll spoil it all the way because I don't believe you'll want to see it after you read this review anyway:

1. Russel Bayne is egoistic douche businessman (imagine him as Colin Farell in Phone Booth)
2. He gets bitten by a werewolf
3. Lilith, the mother of all vampires gets resurrected. She wants to rise again and enslave the world. Vampires need to collect several talismans to fully recover her powers
4. Vampires want to recruit Bayne to their side
5. His love interest, who is also a werewolf, kidnaps him so they won't get him first
6. She trains him to control his powers (Wanted style)
7. One hour into the movie, 2 vampire hunters appear (Jacob Van Helsing and some chick). Suddenly they become the main characters. Two werewolves are now their sidekicks
8. They go to hunt vampires
9. Van Helsing kills vampire queen while former main character, werewolf, is fighting some random no name vampires
10. Last scene: suddenly portal opens in the sky and that means trouble. It's time to hunt some vampires again (Mortal Kombat ending)

I hoped Bayne would go berserk in full wolf form at the end of the movie but nothing like that happens.

I had a feeling that this movie tries too hard to be "cool".
Just look at all the cool elements it has:

-hot girls
-fast cars and bikes
-vampire lesbian kiss
-over the top Matrix style action

You would think that it would be at least fun to watch. It wasn't

For a B movie it had surprisingly good cast. I though Jeremy London's acting was great. His character was believable but it didn't really matter since the rest of the world was so cartoonish. Mark Dacascos threw some great kicks and showed some sword action but I wish he would do some spectacular moves since he's the only actor in the movie who can actually fight. But he played powerful vampire who could end fights with just one punch so there wasn't need for it.
Another decent thing was the soundtrack.

Director: Griff Furst
Writer: Leigh Scott (written by)
Cast: Jeremy London, Christy Carlson Romano, Mark Dacascos, Rhett Giles, Yancy Butler

Rating: 3/10

Do yourself a favor and watch Underworld instead.

The vampire

The werewolf (seriously...)

The hunter

Check the trailer but don't be fooled by it: